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24 September 2006 @ 09:42 pm
Guess what is coming out on DVD on Tuesday folks...

Our perseverance paid off! A two disc DVD collection of the entire first (and sadly, only) season is scheduled to be released!

Hell, I mean..."heck" I will take what I can get. That was a damn fine show.

22 June 2006 @ 03:41 pm
Just wanted to give everyone the head's up on this bit of good news: Universal is releasing The Book of Daniel as a 2-DVD set on September 26th.

24 May 2006 @ 09:46 pm
Every time I go to make an entry in a community, I see nbcbookofdaniel and then I get sad because I remember what an awesome show BoD was.

What I wouldn't give to be able to buy the season. :-)
After reading through some of the recent threads on this site, one thing has become very clear to me: most of these whiney Christian brats only dislike this show because of it’s depiction of homosexuality.

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24 January 2006 @ 02:46 pm
NBC pulled BOD off of life support yesterday. Participants on the NBC board are having a wake and expressing their opinions pro and con. There's a message from Jack Kenny entitled "The End" on the board in case anyone wants to read it. http://boards.nbc.com/bb/postlist.php?Board=BookofDaniel

Many of us over there have developed a camaraderie, and although we expressed different opinions about BOD, we have moved to a new forum to discuss a variety of topics. We have named the new board the Ex-communicants of NBC's Board of Daniel. If any of you would like to come along and participate, you are most welcome. Topics are varied, and we are looking for moderators.


Thanks for starting this forum, I enjoyed participating.
21 January 2006 @ 04:37 pm
Being practical, it looks like BOD will not be renewed. BOD is struggling on life support and NBC will soon be deciding whether or not to extend the life of the series.

Despite the positive support of many viewers, on the other side of the scale there has been much negative spin by certain well-known organized groups. Pressure has been put on NBC affiliates to preempt BOD, and this has happened in a number of markets. NBC has lost revenue because national advertisers have pulled out. Pro and con, this has all played out in the media.

Over the past decades there have been a number of controversial television shows, and despite the negative attacks and lukewarm reviews, networks stuck by certain shows because of their uniqueness, and renewed them for a second season. Some shows not only survived, but they thrived. As an example "All in the Family" was condemned for its bigotry, but had four spinoffs - "Maude", "The Jeffersons", "Gloria", and "Archie Bunker's Place". NBC's show "Seinfeld" a show proclaiming to be about nothing was on the air from 1990-1998, and continues to be viewed every day in syndication. "Seinfeld" suffered miserable ratings during its first two years, but NBC stuck with the show. Initially, the viewers did not understand "Seinfeld", they just didn't 'get it'.

The Nielsen rating numbers have not been favorable for BOD. Some people have been offended by BOD, conversely, others really like the show. Despite what your opinion is, pro or con, BOD is a unique show. Looking at the broader picture, a variety of contemporary issues have been brought to commercial television in a very unique format. The show is quirky. The viewers that like the show 'get it'; they aren't easily offended.

As a last ditch effort, I ask those of you that have enjoyed BOD to email NBC at nbcshows@nbcuni.com expressing your views to renew BOD. At the very least, ask NBC to consider renewing BOD and airing it on one of its cable networks like USA or Bravo. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, club members, and fellow parish members to email NBC. Please send your email this weekend before the NBC executives make their final decision to put the remaining nails in BOD's coffin during their meetings next week.

Lastly, for anyone that does support the show, please voice your opinion (feel free to copy my post) on any other message boards and blogs that are discussing BOD. If NBC receives enough positive email messages, just maybe it will reconsider the fate of BOD.

And, yes, I do understand the naysayers will also express their views to NBC and on the other message boards and blogs.

Again, the email address is nbcshows@nbcuni.com.

Many thanks,

20 January 2006 @ 10:25 pm
During the "previously on" portion of tonight's show, there was a scene that I've never seen before. It was the one in which the gay son was on some kind of date with that girl, and they were talking to a drag queen for some reason. Where did that come from?? I've seen every episode so far, and I KNOW that scene hasn't been aired. So, does anyone else know what I'm talking?
20 January 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Hey, everyone!

First, I’d like to welcome all our new members. The community is certainly growing—slowly but surely!

And don’t forget: a new episode of The Book of Daniel is on tonight at 10/9 c! However, if your uptight affiliate chooses not to air the show, as a few have already done, make sure to let them know that you’re not ok with that. We need to be just as diligent in fighting to keep this show on the air as the AFA and other closed-minded, “pro-family” organizations have been in keeping it off the air.

Also, feel free to post any thoughts or ideas you may have about the show, but please keep any potential spoilers under a cut as to not ruin it for anyone who has not yet seen the episode(s).

Thanks! :)
Even if your local NBC affiliate is airing TBOD, there are viewers in 7 NBC markets that don't have that free choice. WSMV in Nashville has preempted TBOD - the viewers don't have free choice.

Someone on the Episcopal Diocese of Washington's Blog of Daniel mentioned that NBC's affiliate, WSMV in Nashville is owned by the media giant Meredith Corporation.

Meredith Corporation publishes the following magazines:

American Baby
American Patchwork Quilting
Better Homes & Gardens
Country Home
Country Home Country Gardens
Creative Home
Do It Yourself
Garden, Deck and Landscape
Garden Shed
Ladies' Home Journal
Midwest Living
Renovation Style
Successful Farming
Traditional Home

Better Homes & Gardens is one of the five largest circulated magazines in the United States. If you object to WSMW preempting TBOD, and you have a subscription to one or more of these magazines, let Meredith Corporation know that you will be boycotting their magazines by cancelling or not renewing your magazine subscriptions.

Meredith Corporation has a book publishing division called Meredith Books and publishes hundreds of popular consumer books and videotapes sold at major retailers. To find the titles of the books and videotapes that Meredith Books publishes go to http://www.meredith.com/index.shtml. Let Meredith Books and the major retailers know that you will not be buying their products.

Meredith Corporation's division, Meredith Interactive Marketing has business relationships with many consumer-type businesses, brands that you are familiar with, products and services that you buy, retailers that you buy from. Let these businesses know that you will be boycotting their retailers, products and services.

The Automotive Industry:


Consumer & Packaged Goods:

Aurora Foods
Borden Foods
Del Monte
Fleischmann's Yeast
Fruit of the Loom
Hillshire Farm
Hormel Foods
Kraft Foods
Quaker Oats
Reynolds Metals
Sara Lee
S.C. Johnson
Tones Spices

Direct Sales:

Creative Moments



Financial Services/Insurance:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Farmers Insurance
Liberty Mutual
Principal Financial Group


Mary Kay
Procter & Gamble
SOLA Optical


Andersen Windows
Decorating Den
First Alert
Home Service Stores
Hunter Douglas
John Deere
LP Weatherbest
Olin Chemical
Pittsburgh Corning




The Home Depot
Motherhood Maternity
Pier l


Qwest Telecommunications

Trade/Advocacy Groups:

American Lamb Council
Florida Department of Citrus
Hardwood Manufacturing
Home Furnishings Council
Innkeepers of America
Milk Promotion Board
National Milk Board
U.S. Olympic Committee
Women's International
Bowling Congress


Alamo Rent-A-Car
California Tourism
Carnival Cruise Lines
Chicago Area CVB
Collette Tours
Hawaii Visitors &
Convention Bureau
Ice Capades
Kampgrounds of America
Michigan Tourism
Nebraska Tourism
Northwest Airlines
Rainforest Cafe

As consumers, we have free choice to shop or not shop at retailers, to buy or not buy certain brands of products, and to use or not use the services of businesses. In the United States, the almighty dollar is as important as our religious beliefs. You can make a difference, let these corporations know what your opinion is.
If you want to keep TBOD on the air and give it some positive media attention, please contact the talk shows listed below. You can contact, the writer Jack Kenny on the thread "Message from Jack Kenny - Creator of BOD" at the NBC "The Book of Daniel" message board:


A blitz of fan support should get the attention of these talk shows. Request in the comments section that they invite Jack Kenny and the cast of TBOD onto their shows and to checkout the controversy and fan support on this board.

To contact the Larry King Show on CNN (just complete the form):


To contact the Ellen DeGeneres Show (just complete the form):


To contact Live With Regis & Kelly (no email address):

Mailing Address:
"Live with Regis and Kelly"
7 Lincoln Square
New York, NY 10023

Or you can fax your letter:
Fax Number: (800) 330-1106 (TOLL FREE NUMBER)

To contact the Tony Danza Show:

The Tony Danza Show
Attn: Tony's Got Mail
Ansonia Station
PO Box 230767
New York, NY 10023-0013

To contact the Oprah Winfrey Show:


To contact the Martha Stewart Living show by email:


To contact The View (email each of the hosts):


The shows Regis & Kelly, Tony Danza, Martha Stewart Living, and The View are all filmed in New York.

Ellen DeGeneres is filmed in California, Oprah is filmed in Chicago, and Larry King is filmed in Washington, DC.

Let's get this snowball rolling and let these shows know that there is a large fan base. If you have ideas for other shows to contact, post the contact information on this thread.

Get your friends, family, coworkers, fellow church and club members to also contact these shows. And, if you belong to another community bulletin board, post a support message there and let them know too.

This is a grass roots campaign in support of TBOD and against the AFA. Let's get TBOD back on those NBC affiliates that have preempted the show.